An Excerpt From The Book

“All Aboard!” called a booming voice. Jamie felt herself lifted high into the air with the others, through the colored lights, and into the door of the passenger car where they quickly found seats.

“And away we go!” trilled Mrs. Tipperwillow. The train began moving slowly, gradually picking up speed and altitude. It chugged along, sounding just like a real train but, looking out the window, Jamie noticed that there were no tracks beneath the wheels, only sky.

Through the rainbow lights they flew. One color bathed the children in yellow and they felt happy and confident. Coming into orange light they felt excited. As they passed through red they felt strong and safe. When purple passed over them, they were enfolded in peacefulness. The train stopped with a lurch.

“…Hall of Records! Hall of Records!” yelled the conductor, and without any notice they were standing on the ground in front of a big brick building.