2065 In the Beginning

More than thirty years have passed since the sudden blast of sweetness and universal understanding changed everything. People all over the world have dropped the money standard to join in pods of like-minded others— where all resources are shared, borrowed or bartered— and where creativity and freedom of choice are the guiding principles. And the higher capabilities- telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and and teleportation are gradually becoming the norm.

Welcome to Art Pod in the year 2064. Follow the adventures and learning of ten-year-old Jeori as his life gradually intertwines with his telepathic and outgoing neighbor, Kayla, and fifteen-year-olds Cleo and Kadrun. It is to the loner Kadrun— dubbed Mr. Black by his pod mates— that the forces of darkness first come, threatening his life and sanity. As threads of fears from past ages begin to insidiously spread throughout the world, it is Kad who holds the key to Earth's future.

One reader says:

Two days ago I finished reading "2065 In the Beginning"....and immediately started reading it again. I didn't want it to end! I think it's superb - a well-written, delightful, truly visionary work about events taking place on a wonderfully transformed New Earth. The book's young protagonists make some mistakes, but they learn from them and grow in character, wisdom and love. I find it so inspiring to visualize a world in which youngsters are cherished, encouraged and inspired to live up to their fullest potential. One of the reasons I personally started writing is because no one was publishing the kind of stories I wanted to read....until now. As we begin to playfully IMAGINE the New Earth into existence, stories like "2065" will become more and more important. If we can imagine it, we can manifest it. I would gladly recommend this book to anyone.
P. McAuliffe

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